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NAIFA's Limited & Extended Care Planning Center

The LECP Center empowers professionals to network with solution and service providers to share best practices, directly access subject matter experts, research, training and resources; and provide thought leadership so we may continue to address the changing needs of the market.

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Having a Partner to Help Grow Your Sales

By Carroll Golden on 1/22/20 1:17 PM

(Video) The second session in a series of sessions from the Limited & Extended Care Planning Center. This session was live from the NAIFA Performance + Purpose Conference in 2019.

This session features speakers from LTCIPartners, Advanced Resources Marketing, and ASH Brokerage.


Having a Partner to Help Grow Your Sales


  • Tom Riekse, LTCIPartners
  • Denise Gott, Advanced Resources Marketing
  • Chad Eyrich, ASH Brokerage

This session was moderated by Carroll Golden, Executive Director of the Limited & Extended Care Planning Center.

For more information about these sponsors and their work for the center, visit: https://lecp.naifa.org/the-experts

For more information about the Performance + Purpose Conference and its sessions, visit: https://conference.naifa.org/performance-purpose-2020