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Case Studies in Proven Approaches & Techniques: Traditional LTC and Hybrids

Denise Gott, CLTC
ACSIA Partners

Your book of business is your largest asset.  Hear from Denise how to talk with clients about the one protection that could save them money by protecting themselves and their employees.


July 29, 2020 at 2 PM Eastern


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Research, Trends & Innovations

Information and intelligence on trends shaping the industry, including: caregiving, case studies, surveys, new product ideas and reports on technologies revolutionizing care.


Expert Advice

Planning in Advance (estate, financial, retirement); Pre-Need (options and insurances); Point of Need (assessments, funding, services such as reverse mortgages, life insurance settlements, home care agency).


Education & Training

Opportunities that allow advisors to learn about products and obtain leading designations, certifications and continuing education on planning for current and future needs.



The Center is the catalyst to unite the industry with advocacy priorities and objectives that will protect and advance care for consumers.


Real-Time Industry Connection

The LECP Center is a living, breathing and growing virtual hub where important networking, conversations and education – often begun at annual industry events – will be able to thrive year-round.


Consumer Outreach

Content created for consumers to raise awareness of the industry, products and services essential in planning and addressing needs in limited and extended care.