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NAIFA's Limited & Extended Care Planning Center

The LECP Center empowers professionals to network with solution and service providers to share best practices, directly access subject matter experts, research, training and resources; and provide thought leadership so we may continue to address the changing needs of the market.

As part of Long-Term care awareness month our latest spotlight highlights the insights from Tom Riekse’s article on Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance. He breaks down the often overwhelming array of options into manageable choices, guiding through the intricacies of health underwriting, product features, and funding strategies. To get the full breadth of Tom's expertise, read his in-depth article.

Tom Riekse, is a managing director at LTCI Partners and a member of NAIFA’s Limited and Extended Care Planning Center Advisory Council. Tom presented at the "Don’t Be Scared of Long-Term Care" event, with his informative presentation now available on-demand. The LECP Center, where Tom lends his expertise, is an invaluable resource for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of long-term care. It's a platform where advisors can connect with a community of experts and innovators, access cutting-edge research, and engage in comprehensive training. By tapping into the center's resources, advisors can stay ahead of industry trends, enhance their service offerings, and effectively meet the ever-changing needs of their clients in the long-term care space.